2017 Blow Out Sale

Buckingham Berkshire’s  Pork Blow-Out Sale Fall 2017 

Date:  Saturday October 7th
Time:    10:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Fall Fest @ the Lee Wayside historic village
Address:          84 Lee Wayside Road Buckingham, VA. 23931  on Rt. 60 between Buckingham C.H. and Sprouse’s Corner

We’re cleaning out our freezers to make room for fresh inventory. Come fill your freezers, and enjoy a free day of fun at the Lee Wayside Historic Village. Please visit this website for more info about the Fall Fest event: http://www.leewaysidevillage.com/index.html

Sales are first come, first serve.

Cash or Credit

  • $2.00/pack___Bangers link
  • $2.00/pack___Bratwurst link
  • $2.00/pack___Polish link
  • $2.00/pack___Sweet Italian link
  • $2.00/pack___Medium Sage link
  • $2.00/pack___Red Hots link
  • $2.00/pack___Mild Sage Breakfast links
  • $2.00/pack___Mild Sage Breakfast bulk
  • $2.00/pack___Medium Sage Breakfast bulk
  • $2.00/pack___Hot Sage Breakfast bulk
  • $10.00/ham___Boneless Cider Ham (4-5 LBs)
  • $5.00/pack___100% Pork Hot Dogs
  • $5.00/pack___Pork Chops (2/pack)
  • $5.00/pack___Spare Ribs
  • $5.00/pack___St. Louis Ribs
  • $5.00/pack___Smoked Bacon Chunks
  • $2.00/pack___Liver
  • $5.00/pack___Back Fat (5 LBs)